Things to do at Alibaug
Alibaug Beach
The Alibaug Beach is the namesake of the Alibaug coast. A bustling tourist attraction, it has a scenic view and an energetic vibe. It has the perfect view of The Kolaba fort.

Akshi Beach
Located just five kilometers away from Alibaug, the secluded Akshi Beach is where fishermen dock their boats to sell their catch of the day.

Kihim Beach
If you don’t mind venturing a little further down south, at a distance of 12kms from Alibaug, lies the beautiful Kihim Beach. It has an intense forest cover lined with coconut trees, housing rare butterflies, birds and flowers.

Kashid Beach
Famous for its white sand, paddy fields and rivulets, the Kashid Beach is about 30 kms away from Alibaug. The waves here are unusually high, which makes it a popular spot among surfers.

Nagaon Beach
Just seven kilometers away from Alibaug, the Nagaon Beach forms a perfect tourist spot. Famous for the coconuts and betel nuts that grow there, this beach has many volleyball nets and offers boat access to the Khanderi and Undheri forts.

Other Attractions
Situated at a distance of 8kms from Alibaug, Mandwa is dotted with fascinating havelis (mansions). The lavishly painted walls and regal architecture are a treat to the eyes. With the provision of water sports, Mandwa cannot be ignored.

Kolaba Fort
Situated at a distance of about 1-2km from the sea, the Kolaba Fort is one of those prime locations that every tourist must visit. During fall, you can either walk into the fort in waist-deep water or use the boats and horse-drawn carts to get around.

Kanakeshwar Temple
Situated atop a hill on the way to Mapgaon village, the Kanakeshwara temple has several colorful conclaves of smaller temples and miniature God statues. It takes 680 steps to reach the temple.

Murud Janjira
To reach the beautiful fort of Murud-Janjira, you have to take the sailboats from the Murud Port. Though the Murud-Janjira is surrounded by salty sea water on all four sides, it boasts of a fresh-water pool in its center.

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